Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Day After Christmas

The Day After. I was pondering the meaning of the whole Christmas season during the last couple of days. I used to look forward to Christmas as a child. All children do. You are so excited that you try to stay awake the night before waiting for Santa but inevitably sleep comes. Christmas morning I would walk down the hall with my brother and sister and gasp at the sight of the decorated tree and all the pretty presents underneath it's branches.

Forward though the years the excitement as lessened the stress has increased. The meaning of the season has changed. I think part of is that people who meant a lot to me have passed on or moved away and we lost contact. Animals I have loved have passed on as well. One minute they are there and then they are gone. Or so it seems. Time flies. Emptiness.

Another thing I don't even like to shop anymore. There is no point to it. You rarely get something for someone that they truly want. You spend way too much money and for what. More emptiness.

I guess I'm being cynical here. I would rather take the money and donate it a charity. Most likely the animal shelter or the rescue I volunteer for. Animals are just as much in need as people. Tomorrow I will go to the shelter and play with the bunnies there. Not that I don't love mine but the rabbits at the shelter are just as much in need of some love.

I guess the point is that I should cherish the time I have with all those that I love and remember all the good and funny things of those that have gone on before. Don't take things for granted. I hope to be able to do this in the New Year.

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